Behind the scenes!

Since I am working on my bachelor thesis today (yay! I AM!!!!) I just have a tiny picture to offer you 🙂 It’s me working at night in my studio. I love to just sit there with low lights and ruin my eyes making tiny things ^^

I love my little studio, it’s warm and cozy and very sweet and girly. 🙂 I think, I was working on some fimo-creations that time. You can see some of my selfmade cards up there on that shelf thing and my own design of postcards on the left wall aaaaaand of course my box full with polymer clay xD

Well, this was it for now, I have to go back writing… I now have written 20 pages of my at least 50-pages-bachelor-thesis. Feels good. 🙂 The most important part will be finished today, I hope. The rest is „just“ my little study and some interview and some ideas for preventing methods and stuff. But it’s all in my head, I can do this xD

Still more than 1 month left to finish ist. And after that, also after finishing some exams, I have more than 1 month of freetime, which means: CRAFTYTIME!!! ❤ Can’t wait ❤

Kisses and sunday-thoughts to all of you,


4 Gedanken zu “Behind the scenes!

  1. Verrückt. Ich habe den gleichen Schreibtisch 🙂
    Und da sind auch sind Aufhängecontainer dran!

    Lieben Gruß aus Köln!

  2. thank you so much ❤

    it definitely is the nicest place in our appartment…. so much inspiration in every corner 🙂 and yeah, i almost finished 30 pages, which is kind of the half! 🙂 i feel so good right now xD

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