Great tutorial!

Wow, see what I’ve found on indie house blog today:


A REALLY GREAT TUTORIAL for this pouch! I will make one tomorrow ❤ Can’t wait!

It’s almost midnight here in germany and I am going to watch „Burn After Reading“ with my Mr.! 😀 I love it when he has holidays ❤ We can stay up all night long, talking, joking, laughing and watching movies. Funfunfunfun! 🙂

Tomorrow, I will get up early (which means, prob. 8 a.m.) and then start sewing and craft some new stuff for my etsy shop. After that, I will go see my boyfriends‘ auntie for tea (together with him, of course). 🙂
At the moment, I am searching for a new calendar to guide me through the next year. But I can’t find what I am searching for. Maybe, because I don’t know exactly what it should look like… 😦 Any suggestions of cool, goooooood looking, crafty, easy to use calendars/journals?! Please let me know!

Ok, I’m off watching the movie :*


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