Autumn Knitting

Hi, my dear ones ❤

I promised to show you my latest project today, and here it is:


I knitted a scarf!!!! It’s a bright yellow one with a blue bow. I am already wearing it the whole day because it is sooooo cold today. :)It’s more a cowl than a scarf, and the funny thing is, I started knitting this before I found the mustard cowl in my etsy find from yesterday.

Here’s a closer view:


I didn’t know how to knit until yesterday.

But then I found this website:!

It’s amazing, – I learned it really fast. And I only got through the basics 🙂 The best part is that they show a very good technique for the last row of your project: The Crochet Bind-Off. It’s perfect for those who already crochet and feel very comfortable with the hook 😀

I think, I will knit another one and add it to the shop someday. Knitting is so much fun ❤ You know. New obsession ^^

And here’s something personal. In exactly 4 weeks, I will start my internship at a youth care centre. It’s funny, but I was waiting for this day to come since MAY and now that I can nearly „touch“ it, I am afraid. Studying how to handle people with problems is one thing. Working with them for real is the other. O.o I don’t want my Boss to be disappointed about me. I don’t want to do anything wrong. Oh boy, – and I am afraid, getting up at 6 a.m. again will be really hard for me! Eeewww, there’s so much on my mind. I really WANT TO work again. Really, really, really! I miss the regular dayjob-feeling. But I also love to get up in the morning, do what I have to do and after that, having much (!) time to sew, crochet, gocco, knit… It will definitely be a change in my life.

What would you do to get rid of these fears?!

Well, now I need to get back to my needles 😛



5 Gedanken zu “Autumn Knitting

  1. 🙂 well, just click the link, watch the videos and there you go ^^ i knitted a long „scarf“ and then sew it together in the ends 😀

    easy, just try it 😀

  2. Just remember you are new at this experience and yes, there will be a lot to learn! I was an undergrad psychology major, I’ve been working with abused children for the past year and a half, and now I’m in graduate school in a clinical psychology program. I’ll be starting my internship too. Just keep in mind that it will be a growing experience. It is different to learn about things in books and then have to apply those things but’re human, they’re human. You’ve talked to and dealt with others before who have problems and I’m sure you can relate a little bit 🙂 Best of luck!

    Oh and on a more fun note, that scarf is adorable! Thanks for the link. I’m looking to learn how to knit so I appreciate the link! 🙂

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