New Shirts and a big SMILE for you!

Haha, I told you, I had a new gocco fashion project in mind. Here it is:

i knit.


i knit. means cute t-shirts


in white and black



tank tops to show everyone: „i knit.“ 😀

For more details, check my etsy shop 😉

I LOVE these shirts ❤

And I also had fun playing around with the mister. 😀 He took the pictures above and he also made this one:


Did you smile?! HAHA, we were laughing sooooo much that I cried xD

I love to laugh about myself! Don’t you too?

Have a wonderful friday, I will now watch some MAD MEN episodes.



16 Gedanken zu “New Shirts and a big SMILE for you!

  1. Now I HAVE to learn how to knit to buy one of those adorable tshirts 🙂 Ooh you’re a Mad Men fan too? It’s one of my favorites! Don Draper isn’t too bad on the eyes either 😉

  2. ❤ thank you so so much ❤

    know what? we should meet and then take the most ridiculous pictures ever! 😀

  3. I love to laugh at myself! It’s the only way! Haha and I get ridiculous self portraits out of it too!! 🙂

    Those shirts are awesome!! And that picture at the bottom is seriously one of my favourite pictures ever! You are so cute!!

    Kitty xxx

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