Hi there! 🙂

I made this print today, – I actually wanted to draw something but this is what I ended up with:


It clearly describes my life right now. o_O I am not knowing where my path is leading me or if my choices are right. But I try to imagine different ways, new dreams cloud up my head. Imagine, 9 months ago, I didn’t do anything creative besides digital paintings and baking cute cakes for birthdays. Then I started discovering FIMO and all the creative energy suddenly jumped out of my fingers. I did a lot of cute stuff with it. And then there was this sewing machine my MIL gave to me. And it was like a release! Since that day, so many fantastic things have happened. I also started to crochet again, learned to knit (or am still learning 😉 ) discovered the fun of using gocco!!!!! Fantastic ❤

And here’s a picture of a ring I made today using one of my „old“ fimo creations:


What did you do today?!


4 Gedanken zu “Imagine.

  1. Wir haben einen Schlafsack für eines ihrer Stofftiere genäht und das Ergebniss ist richtig gut geworden.
    Bis auf die Delfine hat sie auch alles alleine gemacht.
    Ein Foto ist auf Flickr…

  2. Cool print! That ring is way too cute and you have really nice nails! I’m glad you’ve been able to expand your creativity over the past nine months 🙂 Creativity is a wonderful thing to have, share, and explore.

  3. Meine süße Nichte (8 1/2 Jahre) kommt gleich zu mir und ich zeige ihr wie man mit eine Nähmaschine näht 😀
    Mal schauen was dabei rauskommt…

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