I wanted to learn…

…and I did! Ha!

Had some free time this afternoon and searched for „Granny Squares Tutorial“ and I found these awesome ones!

And I made my first Granny Square:



Try it, it’s soooooo simple ❤

Good night, cuties! (it’s 10.15 pm and we have a friend here!)


5 Gedanken zu “I wanted to learn…

  1. yeah, i know the basics. i kept going at it and i think i got it. it’s actually kinda weird… ‚cause once i got the hang of it, it feels easier than knitting.

  2. well, i thought, it was really easy. o_O hum…. i think, that this might be because i’m a crochet-lady in first place. those who knit might have a problem with crocheting…. do you know the basics of crochet?! 🙂 because if you don’t, i’d suggest to learn them first. and then granny squares. they can be tricky, i think…

    but, i’m quiet sure, you will learn ❤

  3. i keep watching the video over and over but mine dont come out right. it’s frustrating. was it hard for you to learn? i can knit…and that was SUPER easy.

  4. aw, corinne, you make me smile ❤ thank you. i am reading your blog for a while now and i always love how it makes me smile and how you like the same things i do! 🙂 great ❤

  5. hi katja! i bookmarked your blog right away after the class chat this morning 🙂
    i am trying to go back and read all your past posts… first off, you are sooo gorgeous! and so crafty, and all your creations are wonderful!! i have only read a few of your posts so far, but i just had to comment right away and tell you how much i love your blog already, and how inspired i am by you!!!

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