Saturday PLAID love.

Hi, Lovelies!

It’s Saturday, I got up early and felt very crafty xD Here are some peeks of new creations made by me!


Cute plaid bow hairclips! They have different sizes, from mini to large xD

And they look so darling cute:


hihi xD


A lumberjack-iPhone Case! It’s been a while since I was sewing my last cases 🙂



Erm, I want to crochet Granny Squares for the rest of this day and finally create a tutorial on them. Some cuties didn’t get the whole process right, and I thought, it could be helpful… What are your Weekend-plans?!

I hope, your Saturday is magical ❤



3 Gedanken zu “Saturday PLAID love.

  1. That lumberjack case is freakin‘ adorable! When I get my iPod Touch, I may have to order one if they’re still around 😉 I’m thinking I need some of those bows. I like that the one in your second picture is massive. Huge bows don’t work for me. I would love if you made a granny square tutorial! I haven’t even attempted to make them yet but I would watch yours first 😀

  2. the bows are darling and I am definitely going to have to get that iphone case 🙂 Also… you are a DOLL for doing a tutorial. I need it sooooo bad 🙂 Love you!

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