Sunday cuteness and positive thoughts.

Hello world 😀

How are you today?! This has been a wonderful Sunday so far although I just got up! 🙂 I read many comments below my Granny Squares Tutorial that lovely Ladies finally figured out how to make them! 🙂 One of them, Janel, also shared pictures on her blog:


It makes me proud and very very happy!!!! 😀 (And I would really love to see all of your squares! I swear, you won’t stop making them once you’ve figured out!)

Well, here are some cute things I’ve found:

Bild 2

Summer memories like sitting in the grass and flats.


Funny birthday-candles.

Pretty bedrooms.

Pretty dresses. (check out her wardrobe-remix gallery, it’s so amazing!)


Cute autumn-styled plushies.


True words.

apple pie top

apple pie with flowers

Pie in a jar.

Oh wow, I shouldn’t blog about food. 😀 Now I am hungry and need to get breakfast. I wasted 1.5 hours online -.-* It’s always like that, hum!

So, my dear ones, have a wonderful Sunday and keep your eyes open, tomorrow, the winner of my Giveaway will be announced xD



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