Sunday Pretties

Happy Sunday! 😀

This day will be so so cute, I hope. I’m going to the fleamarket, having tea with a lovely person, then eating cake with my mister and his parents and getting dinner there, too xD And tonight, I will be hopefully finishing a knitting project I am working on!


Here are some cute pictures for you to make your sunday magical:

1. Still getting butterflies.

2. The best cake!!!

3. Turn your dog into a grape xD This really made my day last week!

Oh yeah, and the dog didn’t get hurt at all. Just in case you wonder!

4. Building a fort like in the book „Where the Wild Things are“.

5. Hillarious cats!

6. Such a cute necklace.


7. Pompoms! I used to make them a lot when I was a child, and I think, I need to make some this week ❤

8. When tutorials work, my heart misses a beat.

9. Goodbye summer.

10. Beautiful inside.

Have a wonderful Sunday, you great people ❤



7 Gedanken zu “Sunday Pretties

  1. ha! its funny you also thought about making pom pom’s, i did too for a long time 😉
    We have a lot of the same ideas, funny 🙂

    Im making the mushroom right now from your tutorial, will post it on my blog when its done.

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