Another hat.

It goes on and on and on ^^ I love this one:


I’m proud of me, that besides work and boyfriend and housekeeping and meeting friends, I still manage to craft every day! I made the crocheted flower last night after I came home at midnight! That’s addiction!

Oh, and I had a wonderful day! It’s amazing how fast I became part of an awesome team ❤ The best thing about social workers is that they understand what you go through when reading the files of the clients. Sometimes, it breaks my heart to read what some children had to go through 😦 But my coworkers catch me then. 🙂
And I saw this pretty invitation today over at 100layerCake:


I simply love all things made by using Letterpress. If I ever get married, I need Letterpress Invitations!!!! Definitely ❤ These are from Alee&Press.

I want to enjoy the rest of the night and make a brooch I’ve recently thought of. Tomorrow is friday. And then it’s weekend-time. This weekend, I want to finish some of the RVA projects (I’m so far behind :/ ), eat at a restaurant with the Mister, listen to wonderful music, make a tutorial on something really cute xD and sleep. Sleep a lot.


What are your weekend plans?! 🙂



8 Gedanken zu “Another hat.

  1. I adore the hat! And they are the colors of my favorite football team 🙂

    This weekend we’re participating in our towns Zombie Walk. We get to dress up like Zombies and shuffle around town! Have a great one!

  2. Oh, that hat is adorable!

    I’ve just discovered your blog and i LOVE it!

    You’ve created so many beautiful things and you’ve really inspired me 🙂


  3. I loooove that hat!!!!! So beautiful!
    And the letterpress invites are so lovely!
    I didn’t know you were a social worker! Very cool but I can’t even imagine how I’d feel reading the stories. My heart would break every day. Much admiration for social workers!!!!

    My weekend plans include a surprise party for my kids and hubby „just because“, an adventure nite on Saturday (which is one of my very favorite things…it’s gonne be dino themed) and a pumpkin patch. I’m excited. =)

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