Heavenly cute Online Class Date AND Giveaway!

Hi there xD

The day is nearly over (ok, it’s 5.15 pm, but that’s „nearly over“ for me ^^) and I decided to create an ad for my upcoming Online Class. I picked a date, – it will start on January, 18th and end on February, 28th! Nearly 1 1/2 month full of crafty things. Great?! HA, GREAT!!!!! 😀

The banner below shows just a few of the projects you will have to expect ❤


Spots will be available on November 16th. BUT (!) before you can purchase a spot to join the crafty party, you can WIN a spot!

How you can win:

Post about this Online Class on your blog and post the link as a comment here on my blog:)

It’s easy, right? I will pick one lucky winner on Sunday, November 15th. So this Giveaway is open until

November 14th!


And here’s some basic information about this Online Class:

Spots will cost 40 $ and you can purchase a spot here on my blog and pay via Paypal. 20 heavenly cute projects are waiting for you, so each project is  only 2 $! There will be sewing projects, knitting projects, crochet projects, polymer clay ideas as well as paper projects. The projects you see on the banner are also part of it. You will not need a sewing machine, everything can be sewn by hand. But, well.. you know, a sewing machine can be helpful 😉

The tutorials are all for beginners, so don’t be afraid. I will use many many pictures to explain every step.

We will meet at a private blog that is protected by a password only you know. After you purchased a spot, you will receive an email with the details 😉

All projects are made from recycled materials or very cheap materials. You don’t have to spend much money!
We will also get together to have a little chat party once in a while.

I, as the leader, will be here to answer alllllllllllll of your questions, of course.


Oh my god, I am really excited ❤


Now go, join the Giveaway and let’s have a wonder-wonder-woooooooonderful time together in January and February ❤




36 Gedanken zu “Heavenly cute Online Class Date AND Giveaway!

  1. Janet Booth schreibt:

    I am definitely interested in taking this class. Hopefully, by then there will be money in my budget to take this class. I would so enjoy it!

  2. Emilie schreibt:

    I think I’m going to get a spot in the class as a birthday present to myself! My birthday is January 19th 😀 I can’t wait!!

  3. Emilie schreibt:

    I just posted about your class on my blog! I can’t wait to see all the projects you’re going to have 🙂

    It’s going to be a great birthday present hehe.

  4. Sarah schreibt:

    ich hab mal n paar Fragen zu deiner Onlineklasse-
    kann man sich noch registrieren?
    wie lange werden die anleitungen und alles danach noch online sein, weil des bei mir genau die klausurenphase ist und ich innerhalb dieser tage nicht allzu viel zeit haben werde, aber im prinzip gerne teilnehmen würde.

    vielen dank für deine antworten!

  5. Katja schreibt:

    hi, sarah!

    also registrieren kann man sich bis zum beginn, einfach per mail oder bei etsy ( http://toastkawaii.etsy.com ) und das alles wird laaange online sein bzw. es gibt die tutorials auch als pdf download zum speichern, also keine eile geboten 😀

    würd mich freuen, dich da zu sehen ❤

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