Secret project day 1

Hi yous ❤

I promised to share a little secret project with you. How a secret project works?! Well, I know a few and I decided to do this my way 😉 Because this project contains several steps and every single day, there will be something you can finish and hold in your hands. But at the end of this journey, we all will have created something very very cute and useful 😉


1 sheet of printing paper

fabrics of your choice

fibre fill or what ever you want to stuff it with



sewing needle / sewing machine


Let’s start: At first, download and print the pattern.


Cut it out and then….

trace it to the fabric of your choice. (2 pieces)

Sew the parts together (inside-out so you won’t see the lining outside….)

You can use a sewing machine or sew together by hand… 🙂 Just make sure you leave a spot open to stuff the heart:

Turn the inside out and stuff (stuff it tight 😉 ):

Close the hole by using the blind stitch.

Now, find 2 pretty buttons.


And find out tomorrow, what you want to to with the buttons 😉





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