Secret project day 5

Hi, lovelies!

I went to the doctor today again and he told me to stay at home this week… hum, so no work for me until monday. And actually no fun  ^^ Because staying at home is nice, but when you are sick, it really sucks. But today is my first day away from bed. And I worked on today’s part of the „not too secret anymore“-project. 🙂 Guess you all know what this will be at the end ^^

Ok.  So let’s start!,

First, download, print and cut the pattern.



Grab some dotted and white fabrics as well as fibre fill and some scissors. (And a needle and thread ooooor your sewing machine ^^)

Now cut the fabric according to the pattern. Make sure to add at least 1 cm to each side for sewing!

Sew the log to the hat on both sides.

Put both sides on each other, „faces“ (the printed sides) inside.

Sew party together, but leave a spot open for stuffing!

Turn the inside out and stuff it tight!!!!!

Close it using the blind stitch. Add a strap.

Now you can start decorating. Like, cut out a piece of green felt and turn it into „grass“.

Glue it to the mushroom.

Now you can also add a pretty bow! Just cut out 2 slices of fabric.

Wrap one of it around the mushroom (and glue!).

And use the other part to make the acutal bow.

You can either sew or glue it to the mushroom…. HA! Done.

I think, I like it. How about you?!


Hope, you are having fun doing this together!


Let’s see what tomorrow’s project will bring 😉 You will need:

brown felt


sewing needle and embroidery thread in different colours


Happy Wednesday!

Loves, Katja

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