Secret project day 6

Hi there! ❤

Here’s todays‘ project for you.

1., print and cut out the pattern: secretproject3


You will need:

brown felt

fibre fill


needles & enmbroidery thread



Now, please cut out 2 pieces of the brown felt according to the pattern.

Cut out small circles of pink felt to use as cheeks.

Sew to the face and add eyes.

Now add some pretty buttons to the body.

Sew the two parts together. Stuff while sewing.

Now, add a cute bow and a strap and…. FINISHED!

Here’s your cute gingerbread-man! ❤


Lovelies, it’s thursday and that means, the „Secret project“ is finished.

We made 4 lovely ornaments for your christmas tree or wherever you want to hang them:

A heart.

A cute little star.

A mushroom.

And the gingerbread-man.


Hope, you could use these tutorials. Have fun decorating ❤


PS: Check out the giveaway! 3 cute prizes are waiting for you…!

5 Gedanken zu “Secret project day 6

  1. Ahh these are all so cute! I bought some brown felt today so I can make my very own gingerbread man 😀

    Thanks for all the secret projects!

  2. I absolutely love the idea of a secret project! You’re a great „teacher“ and a talented girl ❤

    I apreciate so much that you didn't forget the child in you and you share with us so much love and happiness. You're great.

    P.S. I've just ordered felt and some other supplies and I'll try to make those cute little projects. I'll post some peeks on my blog when I'll finish them.

    Thanks for everything 🙂

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