Music Monday Vol. 1

This Linkin Park Song is one of my favorites. It’s also very special because everytime, the boyfriend hears it (on the radio or somewhere else) he says, he is thinking of me. ❤ Makes my heart melt, honestly. We have a very different taste when it comes to music, but Linkin Park is the band both of us used to love when we were younger and we still love them. If they come back for a german tour, we will definitely try to see them live. 🙂

Just in case, you read this: I always think of you, too, everytime I hear this song. I love you.


3 Gedanken zu “Music Monday Vol. 1

  1. Oh, sweet ^^!!
    I love Linkin‘ Park, most of all songs like „In the End“, „Leave out all the rest“ and “ Hands held high“.

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