Inspiration wednesday. On thursday.


A day late, I know. But I was too tired yesterday.

I decided to not simply post some inspiration pictures but share great christmas tutorials to inspire you and send you some christmas-love ❤

But first a happy thought: Amber received my happymail-christmas card and was very surprised:

And Vera also received her headband and the christmas card ❤

I was very surprised that they uploaded a picture and… yeah, it makes me happy ❤

Ok, on we go… Here are some great christmas ideas for you:

+ cute little tree ornaments, so easy to make!

+ Martha is the best. She shows how to make this pretty cardboard tree!

+ These colours are so pretty!

+ I think, I will have to try to knit these bears!

+ If you don’t have too much space for a real tree, try this mini felt tree

+ Wreaths are always pretty. And this one is for knitters only! 😀

+ Haha, how great are these Elf Skittles?!

+ Need a festive log?! Here it is!

+ And this one would be great for the boyfriends‘ mom! She loves these dogs 😀

Have a very inspired wednesday on this thursday 😛




3 Gedanken zu “Inspiration wednesday. On thursday.

  1. Roxanne schreibt:

    Love the little pupsters; reminds me of the Grinch! I so wish I had time to do all of these fun crafts, but am instead bogged down with Christmas knitting.

  2. Juliette schreibt:

    Ohm I like the little green and light blue trees sooo much! And also the wreath!!

    I saw you like Fimo as well. I just made a little angel, and a Tutorial, with Fimo, to hang in the Christmas tree.


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