It’s after christmas, I know, but here’s my christmas giveaway for you ❤

If you win this, you willllllllll receive

This cute little fawn brooch. It makes me very happy, so I would love YOU to have one for yourself ❤

A cute crocheted headband in the colour of your choice.

(I have maaaaaaaaaannnnnyyyyyy more colours, these are just examples!)


The XO-brooch!

(Pretty sad I didn’t take better pictures o_O But I’m running out of time now, I will edit this later, promised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Sweet things to start the new year….!

You know the game 😉

Here’s what you have to do to enter:

1. Blog about this or about my blog. (2 entries – this means, your name will be in the box twice ^^) It’s easy, – just write a cute little blog posting about my giveaway or about maedchenmitherz. It always makes me so happy to read nice things ❤


2. Use twitter to tell your friends about this giveaway! (1 entry) Also very easy, right?! Just send a cute little tweet out to the world 😀

Please leave the link to your blog or tweet (and your email adress) in a comment…. ❤

I said it’s easy! Feel free to use my pictures, and I hope this makes you happy 😀 It’s the last giveaway this year, but the magic will continue next year!!!

You can join until January 1st. The winner will be drawn on January 2nd, 2010! (Can you believe it’s already 2010?!)

Good luck and




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  1. Holly schreibt:

    Aw what a cute giveaway! Too bad I don’t have a blog or twitter… well, I have a blog, I just haven’t started writing in it yet. Haha.

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