DIY: Flowers from Cupcake cups.

Hi there ❤

I found a cute how-to in a magazine some time ago and I changed it a bit to transform it into MY art. And to brighten your days, this is a cute little DIY for you:

These cute flowers are made from cupcake cups! YES, cupcake cups xD

And it’s really easy. Supplies needed:

Cupcake cups (of course!) – you decide, if you want them colourful or white. 🙂



That’s all!!!!

You need to strickle the cups.

Cut in some of them. 🙂 Doesn’t need to be precise, it’s helpful if it looks a bit inaccurate!

Now, you decide how many layers of cupcake cups you want to have. I used 5. The outer one is cut, but the second and third ones are left as as they were. The blue inner cup is reduced with the help of my scissors xD And so is the inner white one.

See?! 😀

Now, take the wire and plug one side through the layers of cupcake cups.

Run the other end in the button (you know, pull the wire through the 2 holes of that button) and again plug through the layers of cupcake cups.

Twirl the wire on the back of your cupcake cups…

This will help your flowers not to fall down. 🙂

And well…

Your flower is finished!

You can create as many as you want. Maybe decoate them in your craft room?

I think, they bring quite a bit of summer spirit to cold winterdays.

Happy crafting!



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