Happy monday, loves ❤

It was sooooooooo hard to pick a winner for my giveaway…. :/ In the end, I just needed the help of the cat to pick names (I wrote them on paper and the ones he walked over were the winners ^^)! So blame him 😛

Let’s start with the main prize, the camera bag!

Congratulations, Ashley!!!!!!

there’s one more winner, of course…. this headband..

goes to

YAY! Danielle, I hope, you will like it ❤

Congrats again ❤

So Ladies, please email me your address and your prizes will be sent out as soon as possible! Ashley, we should definitely talk about the fabrics I have to make your bag as pretty as you want it to be 😀 And Danielle, you have to tell me your colour of choice (white or deep purple organza) and if you want it to be a headband or a hairclip… 🙂

Well, there’s nothing more to say ❤ Thank you for making this Giveaway so much fun, I was literally overwhelmed by your cute words and lovely ideas! Keep your eyes open, I will try hosting a Giveaway as soon as possible!



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