DIY: Pimp your corkboard

Hi there!

This day is almost over and somehow I really enjoyed it. 🙂 I didn’t do anything special even though it’s my birthday. But since it’s a Friday and everyone else has to work (or lives too far away ^^) I spent most of it all by myself. But I like being by myself sometimes. And today, I did all the things I wanted to do ❤ I watched Private Practice and I took a loooong bath and then I played around with my birthday presents. Of course xD Oh, and I talked to some people I haven’t had a talk with in years it seems. So you know… it was a good and quiet day for me. To find a good ending of this day, I am now showing you a pretty way to pimp your cardboard! YAY!

So I bet everyone has a boring corkboard somewhere in the room… the one I used to have was a simple corkboard with loooots of inspirational stuff!

Not too special, right?! 🙂

So I took some cute fabric, scissors and glue.

First I cut the fabric around the corkboard.

Like this. 🙂 You can always go for more straight etc…. but I like my crappy way of fast projects 😛

Next, I folded the edges to make the fabric fit onto the corkboard…

I used the help of my little friends, the needles and pins xD

And also my hands helped me with the folding. 🙂

And also the big pins that I actually use to stick things to the corkboard helped me to keep the fabric tight!

I used this technique all the way around the corkboard.

Then I found a scrap of fabric that I thought would look cute as a pocket xD So I folded it (and again let the needles help!!!) and sew it together.

I used a Zig Zag stitch for the outer lines.

And then, I felt a ruffle would be cute, too! HA!

I used a ribbon to create this.

And the sewing machine, of course ❤ I love this machine, did you know?! 😀

I found the perfect spot to place the pocket on my corkboard and used needles again to fix it there.

And then the sewing machine did the rest! I simple needed to sew along the outer lines of the corkboard fabric.

And I had to sew the pocket to the middle, too:

Then there was this thing with the gluuuuuuuue 🙂 I just made a mess with it. And it was fun 😛 So feel free and spread some glue all over your ugly corkboard!- You know you want to!-

And then all I did was placing the fabric piece onto the flue on the corkboard and let it work!!!!!

Oh, and did you know you could use the pocket for some pretty postcards?! That’s what I am using it for ❤

Well, that was it. It’s easy and fast as most of my tutorials are ❤

Have a great friday night/saturday morning!


6 Gedanken zu “DIY: Pimp your corkboard

  1. SO cute! I’m especially fond of the little matryoshka 🙂

    I really need to do this; I had utter inspiration board fail today. It was ugly to start with, pins don’t go in well, and now it keeps falling off the wall. Cork board it is.

  2. This is so cool! I want to get a corkboard now so I can make one 🙂 Can you believe I actually don’t own a corkboard? It’s true!

  3. For what it’s worth I love your fast and not at all crappy projects! They’re just my speed. So happy you had an awesome bday chick!

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