Let the fun begin…

Hi there!

Last weekend, I went to the fabric market in a city nearby. It was cooooold but so much fun! Here’s what I bought:

Not too much but a few pretty pretty PRETTY fabrics ❤

For example

this cute nesting dolls fabric ❤

or this one with birds and dots!!!!!

And I fell for this one with the cute thread on it the minute I first saw it!

And how could you not LOVE this one with the vintage sewing machines on it???????

You see there are a few new pretties waiting for me and I am SO ready for some sewing action! The weather outside is beautiful today, so I think I might start working on new products for the shop (including the pretty fabrics!) tonight ^^
What are your plans for today?

Love yous,


4 Gedanken zu “Let the fun begin…

  1. pretty fabrics! i have some pretty ones too, just lying there… waiting to be used 😉

    Tonight we’re having dinner at a friends house & she is making sushi!! Yummie 😀

  2. oh myyyyyy! These are all PERFECT! I want some new fabric patterns, but I keep telling myself: „No Elaine! no no no! You have enough fabric to use up already!“ hahaha

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