Paper doily challenge: Day 3.

Happy Saturday, loves!

It’s day 3 of our cute journey and I would like to dedicate it to very cute inspiration:

How cute is this ring???? 😀

And what a cute use of paper doilies to style a party!

I love this rustic look.

And a fairylight garland? Yes, please!

Pretty and very romantic ❤

And THIS dress is over the top amazing!!!!!

Haha, it even makes an ipod more cute!

Or presents ❤

And a doily tree???? YEAH!

And adding a deer to a doily makes it perfect.

Haha, wise words.

And amazing rugs.

(All images from

Hope you all feel as inspired as I do right now?



8 Gedanken zu “Paper doily challenge: Day 3.

  1. vera schreibt:

    Hi sweet Katja 😀 I’ve just finised my post with blog awards and i wanted to let you know that i’ve rewarded you with two awards 😀 For more information look on my blog! ❤

  2. marci schreibt:

    I love the dress and the tree!!! These posts have made me start thinking of crafting with doilies. I’ve never really thought of them before. They really are pretty. 🙂

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