I’m sure autumn will come….

…not now, but in a few weeks, the leaves will start falling and hot chocolate will taste great again!

And I will be able to wear my hat. I crocheted it last night.



9 Gedanken zu “I’m sure autumn will come….

  1. yay! i can’t wait for fall…i’m currently dying my hair darker in preparation for fall, haha!! also, your hat is super cute. i’m excited for fall so i can wear my slouchy toques again too! 🙂

  2. hi, carol 😀
    well, i didn’t use a pattern, i tried a little bit and finally figured out how to crochet a hat like that 🙂 you know, i mostly crochet things without patterns… ❤ and yeah, i love the colour, too!

  3. Cute! Did you use a pattern? I want to make a hat just like that for myself for autumn too. Great color by the way!

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