Paper doily challenge: Day 5

So this is the last doily project for now. 🙂 This challenge was so much fun for me ❤ Hope you enjoyed the inspiration and tutorials!

This last project is the must fun one: we will craft a mobile right now.

This is what it will look like and here’s what I used to make it:

A plastic ring (I used a lit from a candy box and will show you soon how t became a ring ^^), yarn, paper doilies, scissors.

And here’s how I turned the lit into a ring…

I simply cut off the inside of the lit. Isn’t that genius?! xD

Watch your fingers when you cut the plastic becuase the edges are sharp. 🙂

Take the yarn and wrap it around the ring.

It takes some time but it looks pretty once it’s done!

Put it aside and take the paper doilies.

Fold a doily to half.

And again.

Unfold the doily.

Scrunch it a little bit to make it look like a flower. 🙂

Thread the flowers onto yarn, leaving some empty space between each flower.

Attach the threaded flowers to the ring.

Add one or two threads to the top of the ring and find a nice place to hang your mobile.

Hope you had as much fun as I had!



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  1. This is my favorite of all your doily tutorials!! So pretty!!!! I’m going to have to make one of these to hang somewhere in my house. Thanks! 🙂

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