Feels like christmas…

Hello everyone!

Every day it feels more and more like christmas around here…. I decorated the house, made christmas treats and it’s a magical winter wonderland outside. The air smells like cinnamon and I am shopping for christmas presents ❤

Before the real christmas tree is put up there is a small fake christmas tree in our living room 🙂 It’s really pretty and it makes me think of christmas every day!

The moment I saw these apples I had to buy them. So so pretty and… erm…. funky!

Almonds are my favorite christmas treat. Besides chocolate of course. 🙂

And the beautiful snow outside makes it so perfect!


Today I will go and have a girl date with my friend ❤ We haven’t seen each other a lot since summer and I guess this HAS TO change 🙂 I love being with her, we laugh a lot and she’s on of THE people who supports me in everything I do. She loves my crafts and I hope she likes what I bring her today 😀

We will go to the christmas market and maybe shop a little. It’s cold outside but oh-so-pretty ❤


Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday!


Love yous,


Ein Gedanke zu “Feels like christmas…

  1. Du bist so süß ❤
    Danke für den schönen Tag und deine tollen Geschenke! 🙂
    Habe mich soo sehr gefreut!


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