28 days of journaling – day 7!

Hello again! 🙂

Sooo…. look at my new page:

I took the line


…and thought of what I would like to do most then. And a tire swing, swinging all day, having fun,… was what came to my mind.

I took a magazine page and an instax picture to decorate this page.


So… what would you most likely do if you were still a child? If you want to, share your page with us!




4 Gedanken zu “28 days of journaling – day 7!

  1. hey 🙂 im Chantal and i just found your blog. I love it and i love how you create your own style cause i actually do the same 🙂
    i loved painting and dancing when i was a child but swinging was a must-have on the playground !
    have a nice weekend 🙂

  2. Hi Katja..=) I’m Vannie from the Philippines.. I really love your blog especially your creative ideas.. I saw your blog by accident and from that day I started to adore it.. I love the way you share your thoughts , the amazing pictures you post and your DIY projects to die for!!! I really see myself in you..I love to make crafts, I am obsessed with good pictures and most especially..I am addicted to OWLS!!!!! Keep it up!!Continue inspiring people and sharing the beauty of art!!!…

    By the way if you are not busy try checking my online marketplace :
    it is also known as O.W.L.. hehe.. Have a Good Day!!! Salamat (thank you in Filipino)

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