What’s in my bag?

Happy Sunday everyone!

I saw many „What’s in my bag“ posts in the blogosphere lately and felt the urge to do the same. So look:

I bought this bag from H&M a while ago and I love it so much! Enough room in it to carry all my stuff around. So let’s see, what we have.

Of course my wallet, some blush (I would die without my blush!), my current perfume („Sexy Darling“ from Kylie Minogue. Because it was 7 € and I am so wasteful with perfume!), my iPhone (<3) and a measuring tape. I keep it in my bag because you never know when you will need it!

I am also carrying a single-use camera around with me. I got it as a present and think it should finally be used this spring/summer. And a journal. You know, for ideas or thoughts.

This owl was a gift from a coworker of mine. She knows me well 🙂

I think I am carrying a lot of not-used stuff around with me but I wouldn’t want to miss a single thing!
Would you like to play along? What’s in your bag then?



Einen wunderschönen Sonntag euch allen!

Vielleicht habt ihr selbst ja auch schon den ein oder anderen Blogbeitrag über den Inhalt der besten Freundin eines Mädchens – der Tasche – gelesen?! Ich jedenfalls habe in letzter Zeit wieder vermehrt Taschen(-inhalte) anderer Mädels bestaunt. Hier also meine Tasche mitsamt Inhalt. Die Tasche ist von H&M und drin sind lauter nützliche und weniger nützliche Dinge. Portemonnaie, iPhone, Schminke, Einwegkamera und Notizbuch. Alles, was Fräulein eben braucht. 🙂 Wenn ihr wollt, spielt doch mit! Was ist in eurer Tasche?

Ein Gedanke zu “What’s in my bag?

  1. That owl is so cute! I also take too much around with me when I go out. Especially on sunny days I take sooo many camera’s with me :p Maybe I’ll do a post about this too, soon.

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