This weekend…

…it’s almost over but it was lovely!

On the one hand we had some lovely visitors on Saturday for tea and cake and I went to a lovely birthday tea & muffin session with the cute E and some friends. This said I had good company all the way… 🙂 On the other hand I am on on-ca–duty which means I get calls via our work-cellphone and in the worst case I have to stop whatever I am doing and take care of other peoples‘ problems. I’ve had 3 calls but didn’t have to take the car and go there – I could manage everything via telephone. So I am kind of sad the weekend is over and also kind of happy because the on-call-duty isn’t half as bad during the week as during the weekend! Yay for that! 🙂

So here are a few pictures of this weekend:

The table I set up for our tea time.

I am in love with these (huge!) cups from ikea. Need to buy more!

This is my favorite cake. I think I am going to share the recipe someday here on my blog!

A late night picture of me the boy snapped. Well, I am creating a HUGE mess everytime I work in my studio. I know, I know….

But creating pretty things….

is hard work. 🙂


Love yous,



PS: I was recently asked how I created those polaroid looking pictures… well, it’s an iPhone App called INSTAGRAM. You should download it, it’s pretty fun to play with!

3 Gedanken zu “This weekend…

  1. What a lovely behind the scenes pic! And love the table you set up for the tea =)
    I think Ikea has some wonderful stuff, I cannot come home from Ikea without having bought anything.
    xx Juliette

  2. being on call bites the big one! katja, i luv the pic the boy took of you, in your studio. when i saw the tea time place setting, i wondered what kind of treats were on the plate. sweet tooth thy name is mine.

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