DIY: Puzzle for your beloved.

Happy friday, friends!

Today was such a good day… I took a nap after I got home from work, then squeezed in a little crafts-time and went to the gym afterwards. Oh, I feel good! 🙂 The weather is marvelous, too. Perfection, I’d call it.

Well… and here’s my crafty adventures‘ result:

I would love to share this cute and easy DIY with you: Turn your favorite picture into a puzzle in a few very simple steps!


Your favorite picture (I chose one of me and the boy a year ago at our friends‘ wedding. I LOVE this picture so much!)
Wooden blocks (you can find some here)
Scissors and Hot Glue
X-acto knife

Except for the wooden blocks those supplies are very common in your household, I guess 😉

Before you start, make sure the pictures‘ size fits your blocks.

Now, start gluing the blocks to the back of your picture.

Allllllll the way 🙂

It’s already fun to play with! 😉

You might want to fold the different sections of your piece right now to make it easier to cut the parts.

With your X-acto knife, cut the blocks.

You’ll soon figure out how to cut the blocks best, I promise!

And well… once you’re done, start playing aorund!


This cute puzzle also makes a cute gift, don’t you think?

Love yous,


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  1. So cute. I have done something similar before by just using cardboard, cutting it up and then sending it in an envelope to friends 😉

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