This week in blogs.

Hey there, lovelies!

While reading blogs this week I have found some things I would like you to read, too! Look:

This cute birthday party is full of DIY, cute cakes and hot air balloons. You’re right, I just HAD TO love it!

Kaelah shares a „Behind the scenes“ from one of her photo shots. It’s amazing how much work really goes into her outfit pictures!

Talking about outfits: Carrie looks like she’s from another time!

The gorgeous Mowie Kay just published his first magazine. Oh, it is so so so full of pretty and delicious things. I die!

Danielle inspires me to make some vintage craftiness come to life!

And then there’s lovely Mayi showing you how to make a very pretty and adorable necklace!

Have fun reading, crafting and feeling inspired, my lovelies!