A picture an hour.

Happy Saturday, loves!

If you follow me via Instagram you noticed I had a little challenge going on yesterday: The „A picture an hour“ project. I’ve seen several bloggers join this challenge and just needed to give it a try! It’s not THAT easy I can tell. 🙂 But here’s my „a picture an hour“-entry:

8:35 AM – Good Morning!

9:35 AM – getting dressed.

10:35 AM – making waffles. Yummy!!!

11:35 AM – Blogging.

12:35 AM – trying new packaging for my shop.

1:35 PM – Taking pictures.

2:35 PM – Organizing.

3:35 PM – making friendship bracelets.

4:35 PM – watching „Gilmore Girls“

5:35 PM – bracelet.

6 PM – heading to the gym.

7:35 PM – after gym cuddles with the cat ❤

8:35 PM – dinner.

9:35 PM – Mr. cat.

10:35 PM – memories.

11:35 PM – good night read. ❤


Like I said it wasn’t THAT easy but it was such a fun thing to do! And this is not my „regular“ kind of day – just the last day of an almost 3 weeks vacation… 🙂


Love yous,


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  1. ❤ thank you, ashley! and yeah, our waffle iron is definitely one of the best things i ever bought! 😀

  2. Hi Katja. Somewhere on your blog you say you like the 50s. Maybe also the 60s? We have some very special footage from back then. Would be cool if you check it out. It’s here:


    Keep up your good work over here. We like your photos. And: We still wait for your opinion about being featured as part of our „Link of the day“-series. You know where to find us. Let us know… – the transatlantic diablog

  3. Fun! Now I want to try! 🙂

    Is that the episodes after Loralei’s parents wedding? That one makes me so sad. I love Luke and Loralei together. 😉

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