Sewing Saturday.

Happy Sunday, lovelies!

Yesterday wasn’t a very productive day but some sewing happened and I wanted to share a few pictures:

I made this apron without using any pattern and I LOVE it ❤ The happiest part about it is that it looks like a cute dress. Oh, and the fabric. Of course. I love the fabric!

Well… that’s what I wanted to show you.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new week. I hope it will be less stress and more time to get my documentation work done. I need to write and write and write and therefor I need to have office-only days and these days are SO rare! I need to work on my time management abilities. *sigh*

Anyways…. have a marvelous Sunday! Mine was filled with sunshine, road trippin‘ (a bit ^^) and fruit salad.


Love yous,


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  1. So cute!!! I love the fabric and it’s so great that you made this without a pattern.
    Wish you a lot of good power for your work!

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