Love: Lace.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

I just came home from gym and it’s already 10 PM on my side of the world. Can you believe it?! Thanks to my work load I am busy busy busy at work and lazy lazy lazy at home. I wish I could embrace the teeny tiny bit of energy I have left and sew something… But nooo… I am rather going to bed early today 🙂 But before I leave, let me ask you one thing: Don’t we all just LOVE lace?! Seriously – is there anyone who doesn’t love it?! No?! HA! Knew it!

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So let’s all jump on the lace train and dream away….:

I love everything about this picture. It looks like it’s straight from the 70’s, right?

I think I might need a lace covered wedding cake. But that changes every day… I’ll let you know once I get married ^^

Pretty, pretty, pretty ❤

Sleeping here would be pure magic. *sigh*

Why am I the one with the boring black umbrella when there’s so many pretty ones out there?!

Ok, so no words needed, right?

And the obvious lace covered jar lantern. Oooooh, cute!

Oh well… I just hope these finds make you as happy as they make me. I will catch some sleep right now and after a long day at work tomorrow, the boy will take me out for dinner and I am already all EEEEEEK about it. 🙂 Since we decided to cut back on take-out-food we haven’t been to a restaurant in a long time and that makes it even more special. Oh, and next month will be our 7th anniversary. 7 years ❤ Holy moly! 🙂

Love yous,


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