I’ve learned from the best.

Hi there!

Over the last 2 years, this blogging community has affected me in so many ways. I don’t know about you but the most inspiration I get is from new blogs I discover. So I thought I should let you know what I learned from those blogs:


1. I learned from Elsie that you have to live your dreams and do everything you can to make them come true. She also taught me to find happiness in creating. Oh, and she made me LOVE headbands 🙂

2. I learned from Danielle that I want to be a tattooed mom one day. Noooo, not really, I am too scared to get that much tattoos. But I learned from her that the outside never is the inside and you should not judge a book by its cover!


3. I learned from Bakerella that baking is a passion and I’d love to become as good as her! Oh, and I also learned that cakes can be Pop-sized!

4. I learned from Kaelah that a girl can never own too many dresses. It is because of her that my dress obsession began. 🙂

5. And Katie taught me I want a sweet little family with 2 girls one day. And she made me buy a denim jacket that I love pretty much right now!


6. I learned from Holly that a home isn’t a home until you put your heart in the decorations. I am still working on that!


7. I learned from James that I need more Vintage in my life. Definitely!



I think I have learned a loooot these years but most of all I learned from these inspiring ladies: If there’s something you love – do it and do it with passion!



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