Printing is so much fun

Hi there sweethearts!

You already saw a sneak peek of my pretty handmade cards and I thought it would be nice to share a few more pictures. The other day I decided it was about time to start gocco printing again. The screens and bulbs are not reusable so I always take a lot of time to figure out a design. A typewriter was something I wanted to print for soooooo long.

I made a few prints on cards from handmade paper. They’re so precious!

Besides those cards I also made an army of „usual“ paper cards xD

Now I just have to figure out what to do with all these cards 🙂


In other news my weekend is kind of „boring“. The weather over here is stormy and cold so I’m spending most of my time inside the house, cleaning, crocheting, watching movies. Not the worst thing to do but also I feel like I should „use“ my weekends for things I am not able to do during the week while working. Somehow I don’t know what to do with all this spare time on weekends. Anyone else out there who knows this problem?!


Ok, friends. I might be back soon with a giveaway, so keep your eyes open. 🙂 I am now off to…. guess what? Watch a movie, indeed.


Loves, Katja

3 Gedanken zu “Printing is so much fun

  1. wow! how did you do the handmade paper? i remember we made some in elementary school, but i was too little to know how we were doing it, and i’ve since lost that precious piece of paper ): it was sparkly XD

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