In the sun.

Hi there friends!

Wow, I am overwhelmed by your sweet comments for the GIVEAWAY! Eeeeeek! Excited who will be the lucky winner!

I know I am not really the big blogger this week – but we’ve had a birthday to celebrate and stuff to organize and things to think and sing about 🙂

Instead of a new blogpost I would love to share what’s my favorite song this week.

This song is the best „She & Him“ Song ever. I am completely in love with Zooey of course so this band is a MUST LOVE for me. If you can, check out every single song of She & Him – totally worth it!


Ok, didn’t you just fall in love?! 🙂





PS: What are you up to this weekend?! I am going to a few concert since there’s a festival near our place ❤

4 Gedanken zu “In the sun.

  1. I love „Thieves“, but this one is great as well, especially the video. And who doesn’t love Zooey?!

  2. That is such a pretty song! Also, I totally love what Zooey is wearing. Her outfit is beyond cute!!

    Here’s to a happy weekend. XOXO.

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