My life in iPhone pictures.

Happy friday, friends!

Yay, finally it’s friday and I am very ahappy about that. In fact, the last week has been busy (but it was OK for me) and I need some time of my own. I think most of you can relate to that „woooohoooo, friday!“-feeling that gets me every single friday!

I just realized I haven’t shown you some iPhone pictures in a while. So this feels like the perfect time to do so:

I went to a concert the past weekend. It was SO great ❤

This is what I wore. It was a bit colder than the last week so I had to wear my new coat from H&M and my right now favorite dress. I think I need to create an outfit post about this dress & coat someday. 🙂

I also prepared a cute little baby-package for my friends. they’re expecting a little girl soon so I screenprinted this onesie

and made a scrapbook album for them to store pretty pictures in it!

I also received happy happy mail from amazon. I am so glad this online shop exists! ❤

Oh, and my pretty Diana F+ Hong Meow.


Somehow those are very happy moments captured on my phone. I often wonder if I should be taking pictures more often but I somehow always forget ^^


So… this weekend hopefully will be a sunny one – I would love to go to the seaside. HA! 🙂


Love yous,


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  1. Its amathing just to scroll through the photo-library and remembering all those lovely moments. I love my iphone too 🙂

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