One line a day.

Hi there and happy tuesday!

It is very rainy in Germany these days and feels more like autumn I have to admit. I just wish the sun would shine and I could sit outisde. Instead I am forced to spend my time inside the house so I won’t get too wet ^^

The positive thing is I find the time to start a few projects I always wanted to start! The minute I saw the book: One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book on another blog (don’t know which one it was) I knew I wanted this as well.

It’s a book to store one thought each day for the next 5 years. Eeeeek! I am excited a) if I will be able to keep track b) to see what’s going to happen in these five years c) to read all the pages once it’s finished! 🙂 YAY!

Do you have a project you are following these days?!




9 Gedanken zu “One line a day.

  1. woah – made my day!!! 😉

    super geschenkidee, hat mich gerade vor einem verzweiflungskauf gerettet..
    meine freundin hat nämlich eine 8 monate alte tochter, das ist perfekt für die zeit, wenn die kleine anfängt lustige sachen zu sprechen!! 🙂

    lieben gruß!

  2. I also have a little notebook where I write one line a day in. But I actually don’t use it daily, because I don’t always have time or don’t always have happy things to write about (which is the purpose of the book). But I try when I can and it really makes me feel good and relaxed 🙂

  3. Absolutely love this idea. I think it would be great for the days a writer has the dreaded „writer’s block“. I must begin this as well! Lovely that you as well have blogged about the „one line a day: A five year memory book.“ Just one question, could I too post this briliant idea on my blog with credit to your blog?? 🙂 Well, Cheers!!!

  4. it’s english – but since there are „only“ dates (like a calendar) there are no real „words“ ^^

  5. that is such a cute idea! because i do keep a journal, but it’s hard to keep up with it when a lot of things are happening and you want to write it all- just trying to do a one line synopsis sounds really interesting! i will have to see if i can get that :]

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