Your favorite place.

The northsea is rough and stormy most of the time. But I enjoy sitting there. I love the seaside.
When I grew up I lived near the baltic sea. It’s more calm and „reliable“ – the water of the northsea is gone most of the time ^^ And even though I loved growing up near the baltic sea – with days at the beach and swimmig every single summer – I enjoy living here. I enjoy the wind carrying my thoughts away.

(the boy will hate me for posting this!)

I just love the seaside. And I always will live near the sea. Couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.

What’s your favorite place?!




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  1. i loved reading that your fellow friend will be embarrassed at the publishing of his photograph! haha! 🙂 i have a very similar best friend. he remains in the peripherals, doing almost ALL of the photography for my blog. your posts are always so uplifting and happy! thank you! 🙂

  2. Hallo Katja:)

    Ich bin eine stille Leserin deines Blogs, aber ich freue mich über jedes Update von dir:)
    Aber als ich nun eben die Steine sehe auf den Fotos sehe muss ich schmunzeln, denn die kenn ich zu genau:D Wo genau hast du das Foto gemacht? An der Knock oder Upleward?:) Wohne auch an der Nordsee…sogar ziemlich direkt und ich liebe es hier zu wohnen-auch wenn das Wetter oft nicht mitspielt. Ich kann mir ein Leben ohne Meer nicht vorstellen, weil ich es schon mein Leben lang kenne… mein Lieblingsplatz ist genau der gleiche…an der See:) Wenn einem die frische Briese um die Nase weht und man das Salz riechen kann. Das ist toll:)

    Liebe Grüße von der Nordsee,

  3. Also my favorite place is near the sea, but then it’s the Mediterranean. The sea can relax you, t’s like the wind and the waves wisper that everything is going to be fine.

  4. My garden! I lived in the city for the past 10 years and now I share a little cottage in the woods with my beloved boyfriend and my cosy cat and absolutly loving it. Just as they saying: there is no place like home!

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