The craft book library II

Happy Saturday, friends!
Remember my last post on my little library? I promised to share details on some more of my books… and here you go!

One-Yard Wonders is a great book with lots of projects you can sew using only one single yard of your fabric. It has been such a good friend to me because I now can sew „small“ projects.

Cute, right?! 🙂

Zakka Sewingis a book on japanese household items and it is the cutest little thing ever! I enjoy looking at the pictures very much and I also love the fact that there’s a lot of linen used for the sewing projects.

That bag is sooooo sweet!

Twinkie Chan’s book on crochet goodies also is fun! I own this book for a while now but I have to admit I haven’t even been trying to crochet anything from that book. I definitely need to give it a try this autumn and winter!


Softies– this book is awesome! Not only are the plush toys genius, the instructions are very simple too! I want to make the whale some day. 🙂

Or the little tree xD


Oh well, that’s pretty much my whole craft book library. I will share the books I want to buy some day soon on this blog. 🙂

For today, I am just having fun!




2 Gedanken zu “The craft book library II

  1. Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to do that too, great idea to share creative books. I’m in love with the last one ♥ Hope everything is fine with you sweets ❤

  2. Ich finde es immer super-spannend, in die Bücherregale anderer Blogger zu schauen und zu sehen, wo sich andere zu ihren Ideen und Einfällen inspirieren lassen… Und dein erster Post dazu hat mich letzte Woche (als ich mädchenmitherz entdeckte) inspiriert, mich selbst gleich mal mit neuer Literatur einzudecken.
    {Hab dir auf meinem Blog übrigens einen Blog Award hinterlassen, komm doch vorbei und hol ihn dir ab, wenn du Lust hast.}
    Wünsch dir noch ein schönes Wochenende!

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