Craft books library: Wishlist

Happy tuesday, friends!

I’ve told you in my recent posts I would share my craft books wishlist. Here it is:

1. Vintage Craft

Omg, this seems to be such a perfect little book! I can’t wait to order it soon ❤

2. Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People

Crafts for poor people? Count me in! 🙂 I’ve just heard gooooood things about this book – so this totally needs to be on my bookshelf some day! (and would anyone NOT be amazed by the cover?!)

3. Paper + Craft

Haha, another cover that caught my attention! Eeeeeek! 🙂 And there’s also an inside-peek on the website…. That might be my next craft-book-buy ❤

4. Decorate

I’ve been a reader of the decor8 blog for years now. And I couldn’t be more excited about this book!

5. Handmade Nation

This book has been on my wishlist for a loooong time now. It’s a documentary on the DIY culture and seems to be very interesting. There’s also a documentary film on that.

6. Mein wunderbarer Wohnwagen // My Cool Caravan

Ok, do I really have to explain why I LOVE this book?! I think it’s more than obvious. And if you want to see why – follow the link and get some inside-peeks ❤ (careful: you might squeeeeeee just like I did and this might scare the sleeping cat. It scared or cat, at least 🙂 )

7. P.S.- I Made This

Do you know the PS I MADE THIS blog?! It’s amazing and I guess… so is this book!

8. The Selby Is in Your Place

Todd Selby created wonderful portraits of wonderful creative people. Seems to be a very inspiring book!

9. Style Diaries

I love looking at fashionable people. And I love reading their stories. This book combines both. Great!


Don’t you just LOVE all these books? Oh my, I think I need to place my order right now ❤ I am totally in love with creative books like that. What about you? Do you love creative books?! Or do you have any recommendations for someone who is soooo in love with these kind of books? Let me know!


Have a marvelous tuesday!


4 Gedanken zu “Craft books library: Wishlist

  1. Hi sweets! I have the first book and wanted to make a post about it, so you probably will see it soon again 😛 I know i’ve said it before but i totally like this idea of sharing crafty books 🙂

    I’ve read reactions of the ps i made this book and most of them weren’t real positive. I can’t judge because i haven’t seen it live, but just wanted to let you (and your readers) know.

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