Dream big.

Hi there, you lovelies ❤

Isn’t it fabulous that the week is almost over?! I am loving the thought of spending some time with my loved ones. This week has been a bit unpleasant for me… first I hurt my elbow during gym and now it turns out I need to take a break for some time. Boooh! Second I got a haircut and don’t like how it turned out. In fact I think the lady at the salon did a horrible job. Makes me feel really bad I have to admit. When it comes to my hair I am sooooooooo serious! Hum.

The good news is I’ll be hanging out with a good friend tomorrow and I hope to feel better by then. We want to shop for her new appartment and what could cheer you more up than a visit to the fabulous IKEA?! You’re right: nothing. 🙂

Ok. But let’s talk about dreams. I am currently coming up with new dreams and sharing them is part of the fun!

So right now I am dreaming of…

…owning a few sheeps one day.


… building a backyard hut from a camper!

I can clearly picture the cuteness in my mind already!


….being Zooey.

You’re probably sick of this but I adore her so much. Wouldn’t it be great being her just for one day?



… this cardigan from Topshop:

I think it’s too expensive for a „just for fun“ item. But I am deeply in love! I can clearly imagine it with skinny dark jeans, a white blouse and nerdy glasses. Oh, and a high messy bun. Eeeeeek!


What are you dreaming of these days?!

Have a great friday!




8 Gedanken zu “Dream big.

  1. I dream of havind some goats one day, like we used to when I was a child, you know how tasty the milk is, yumms! I hope you will fell great after going to the good old place, Ikea =)

  2. i LOVE that you want to own a few sheep! baa! 🙂 i’m in the united sates at 4:45pm; and with one gin martini in hand, this post truly brought a big ol‘ smile to my face. i think you are lovely, and i hope that your weekend is fantastic! 🙂 ~ http://www.nicoleandgwendolyn.com

  3. I would so love to own sheep, goats and a llama so I know exactly how you feel. And come on, Zooey is amazing!! I wanna be here too…I can’t get sick of her!

  4. I saw the cardigan too and also fel in love with it right away! 🙂

    Maybe you just have to get used to your new haircut? And never go to that hairdresser again!

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