Journaling = happiness – day 8!

Hey there!

Today, I want you to write a loveletter. Love is the one thing in life that makes me more happy than any money or fame or whatever could ever do. The love for my family, friends and for the Mr. is what keeps me alive. Literally. So here’s my page:



You don’t need to write this letter to your boyfriend… Maybe you love your little sister or your big brother or your cat or want to create a page for your cat?! Simply do it! 🙂





Hallo ihr!

Endlich wieder Freitag! Freitag = Freutag! 🙂
Bevor wir ins Wochenende starten, hier euer nächster Journaling – Hinweis: Schreibt einen Liebesbrief. Egal, an wen oder was, schreibt einfach drauf los, kramt ein paar schöne Bilder heraus, zückt die Stifte und zaubert! 🙂 Meine Liebeserklärung geht an den Freund, der mich sehr unterstützt momentan ❤

2 Gedanken zu “Journaling = happiness – day 8!

  1. lovely post! i will be doing this! it’s so happy and positive! . . . at the end of yoga class, i tell my clients to bring their minds to something for which they’re grateful. your love letter reminds me of that activity. at the end of yoga, our minds write love letters to those things, similar to how your journal is doing! well done. xo ~ nicole in pittsburgh,

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