journaling = happiness – day 10.

Well, hello lovelies!

I don’t like Sunday evenings at all because they mark the end of the weekend. And the end of the weekend also means… new week full of work ahead. Booh! But I’m about to enjoy the rest of this evening watching a movie with the Mr., taking a hot bath and sleeping in around midnight. Yay! 🙂

Before I am about to start my evening… here’s a journal page about something that gives me butterflies.

One thing that always (always, always….!) gives me butterflies is finding vintage treasures around our house. We share a house with the Mr.’s parents (seperated apartments!) and they store some of their old stuff on our attic. So one day I was searching for something and went up to the attic and found these lovely suitcases. I absolutely fell in love with them and it made me happy that they were really used by people I know. 🙂 I don’t know what it is about that vintage stuff – but I am always amazed by old things!

As you can see I used a few „vintage like“ details to make my page match the topic. It’s an old song-sheet, fabric, lace and a polaroid.

Have fun crafting! ❤



Hallo zusammen!
Also…. erst einmal: Das Wochenende ist leider schon wieder fast vorbei! Buuuh! Jetzt noch nen Film gucken, in die Badewanne hüpfen und Morgen hat mich der Alltag wieder. Der Schlingel! Aber bevor sich mein Tag dem Ende neigt, hier der nächste Journal-Hinweis: Was zaubert euch Schmetterlinge in den Bauch?! Bei mir sind’s die alten Koffer, die ich auf unserem Dachboden gefunden habe. Die gehören den Eltern vom Freund und irgendwie mag ich es, dass sie Leuten gehören, die ich kenne und dass diese Leute auch wirklich damit verreist sind. So alte Dinge faszinieren mich irgendwie 🙂

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