Journaling = happiness – day 13!

Happy Friday, loves!

And yep, I couldn’t be more happy about the fact that the weekend is finally here. Not only was this week a total desaster (I was home after 13 hours of work every single day -.-*) but also the weather is very pretty today and the air smells like autum. And you all should know I love the in-between-seasons as spring and autumn ❤ The world looks so comfy in autumn. Hooray for hot cocoa, knitting on the sofa and walking in the forest!

Oh well… but here’s your latest journaling prompt:


We all love patterns. Patterned paper, patterned clothes and I mostly love patterned fabrics. So I took a bunch of my fabric scraps and glued them to this page. So now, everytime I look at that page… I smile. That’s the reason we’re doing this whole journal-thing: to be happy and smile 😉


Happy journaling, friends! ❤


Love yous,



Ihr Lieben!

Erst einmal: Ich wünsche euch einen wunderschönen Start ins Wochenende! 🙂 Können wir alle gebrauchen, denke ich…. Der neuester Journal-Hinweis ist übrigens furchtbar eigennützig, aber daher nicht weniger wertvoll: MUSTER! Was auch immer euch dazu einfällt, ist willkommen! Ich habe ein paar Stoffreste aufgeklebt und freue mich nun beim Anblick des bunten Durcheinanders umso mehr. 🙂