Autumn wardrobe.

Hey there and happy Friday!

It’s officially autumn now and that brings a big smile to my face. Why? Because I love the in-between-seasons autumn and spring. The leafes are turning yellow and orange and the sky is blue most of the time now. Brilliant! I also love wearing autumn clothes. They do have the prettiest colours, don’t you think?
With autumn, my wardrobe doesn’t change too much (I mostly wear blouses and cardigans!) but I love window shopping for some pretty goods. Here’s what I would love to wear:

I love this combination. That skirt is awesome, isn’t it?! Oooooh, and the haircut also is the cutest ❤

The perfect autumn cardigan. Perfect.

Those colours. Oh, those gorgeous colours!

And that dress has the prettiest colour. Mustard yellow will always make me happy… 🙂

Oh, the bow!

And green seems to be a good choice this autumn. A really good choice!

(Find all the image sources on my Pinterest board.)

So… what are your autumn favorites? Would love to read about them here ❤




Ihr Lieben!
Der Herbst ist endlich da, und mit der neuen Jahreszeit kommen auch neue Kleidungsstücke. Oben seht ihr meine Fashion-Inspirationen, die ich im Laufe der Zeit gesammelt und auf meinem Pinterest Board gepinnt habe.

4 Gedanken zu “Autumn wardrobe.

  1. i’m in LOVE with the new autumn fashion! i just purchased from nordstrom the following; brown boots, brown tights, brown over the knee socks, brown corduroy shorts, white turtleneck, an english cloak, an elephant ring . . . omg, i’m in LOVE with autumn fashion. your post just added to the excitement! i’m trying to get onto THE TODAY SHOW in new york in two weeks (with my dog, for her birthday), so tune in! and maybe you’ll see us in our new fashion! (she’ll be dressed in martha stewart). 🙂 xx ~

  2. we have SUCH similar taste, wow! i love all of these pieces you’ve chosen. that sweater IS perfect, oh my goodness!! also, there is a VERY similar dress like that mustard one at H&M, we have it at our store anyways! it’s really pretty, i’ve been dying to try it on!

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