Sometimes I wish I had glasses…

…Why?! Because I want to look THAT cute:

Haha, this is such a cute girl! Isn’t she?! I just drool over this picture… ❤

And this looks totally classy and really smart.

Zooey in glasses. Nothing more to say.


This might be my fave. Love the outfit, the high bun and the glasses.

For more glasses, check my Pinterest Board!




4 Gedanken zu “Sometimes I wish I had glasses…

  1. If you like Zooey with glasses, you have to check out „New Girl“, a new series featuring the lovely lady!

  2. I feel the same way about glasses! I have perfect eye sight but I feel like I got ripped off cause I wish I had a reason to wear eyeglasses without feeling like a fake. xoxo Ali

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