DIY: Tea Book.

Hello there and happy Monday!

Today I would love to share another DIY with you: The tea book.

I love tea and I have a few friends who also belong to the tea-club and I guess this would be a cute and appreciated present for each one of them! ❤

You will need:

Tea, brown packing paper, scissors and decorating material such as lace or ribbon or paper.

If you want to you can make your tea bags pretty by using this tutorial.

Now…  create pockets for the tea bags with using one of them as a pattern. Lay it on the packing paper and fold the paper so the tea bag fits.

Like that.

Then, fold a strap of approximately 2 cm on the both ends of your paper.

With my cute lace punch, I punched a few lacy edges to make it look even more cute ❤



Find out what size your pockets will have to be and start sewing…

Each pocket will contain a tea bag. So make it big enough!

That’s what your book will now look like. For the edges (remember we folded 2 cm before!) I simply cut out a strap and punched a hole into each side so I could wrap some ribbon around it.

Like that!

Look how cute this is ❤

Happy crafting, friends!




7 Gedanken zu “DIY: Tea Book.

  1. my goodness, that is so freaking CUTE!!! i love it 🙂
    i wish i had a tea book…or time to make one! haha

  2. supersüsse Idee! Das wird bestimmt jetzt im Herbst irgendwann nachgebastelt. Wie gut, dass ich so viele Teetrinker in meinem Bekanntenkreis hab 😀

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