Goodbye, summer.

Goodbye, walking around in flats.
Goodbye, breakfast on the balcony.
Goodbye, bbq. (I will miss you deeply)
Goodbye, sitting on the beach.
Goodbye, ice cream.
Goodbye, wearing pretty dresses all day without tights.
Goodbye, long walks in the park.
Goodbye, freckles.
Goodbye, walking barefoot in the grass.


Hello, sipping hot cocoa in lovely cafés!
Hello, falling leaves!
Hello, changing colour palette to orange, red and brown!
Hello, colourful tights!
Hello, candles!
Hello, knitting and hello, crochet!
Hello, wearing coats and hats and scarves and fingerless mittens and boots!
Hello, walking in the forest, picking up chestnuts and acorns!
Hello, pumpkins!
Hello, baking and cooking soups!
Hello, coziest time of the year!

Don’t you just love autumn?!




4 Gedanken zu “Goodbye, summer.

  1. Ich liebe den Herbst auch. Endlich wieder Mützenzeit. Teetrinken und gemütlich in der Badewanne liegen! Hach ja. 🙂

  2. katja, i love this post! although it’s not always relevant to my interests, i’m so glad that i found your blog because every couple of days, you totally inspire me! i found your site during the DIY picture frame bark entry . . . and i read all of your posts religiously! this particular posts has made me really happy because i also loveeee fall! my dog does, too! she’s a puggle, so it’s much easier for her to breathe with that smooshy snout! thank you for being so happy and inspirational! it’s a pleasure to know you! 🙂

  3. You’re right, hello cosyness! I just will miss not weaeing tights, they’re pretty but sometimes also annoying.
    I’d add, hello mandarines and hello cinnamon!!

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