DIY: Lace Headband

Hello there again lovelies!
I hope you are having a wonderful time and wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your comments and emails and tweets all the time ❤ In case you were wondering 😉

Oh, and I also wanted to share a fun DIY today:

You will need:

lace (I bought mine at a craft store)
maybe some more lace to keep the other lace in shape ^^
elastic ribbon
your sewing machine (or a sewing needle & yarn) and scissors


Start with cutting the lace. I chose a smaller part of the lace because I didn’t want my headband to become too big!

Then I cut the other lace (which basically is some leftover lace from a curtain I bought at IKEA a while ago!) and start sewing them together.

This way the lace parts will keep in shape!

Cut off the leftover „second“ lace.

And start sewing the elastic ribbon to the lacey part.


That’s basically all you have to do!

And now you have a new cute fashion accessory perfect for special occasions or just to make your daily outfit a little bit more special!

Hope you liked this DIY!








9 Gedanken zu “DIY: Lace Headband

  1. Thanks for sharing!Now that i have pretty and straight hair i will love something like this..I think i have some purple lace somewhere that will look great on my black hair!
    thanks again sweetie! xoxo

  2. that is an adorable headband but I must admit your houndstooth top is why I really stopped to comment! I loooooooooove houndstooth so so so much! Adorable! xo Ali

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